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… is a grassroot initiative promoting open science at Marburg University.


Open science best practices implemented in public educational institutions, locally at Marburg University.


Furthering Open Science best practices as well as creating connections amongst scientists from all around the world.

To do so, OSIUM is happy to help you get started with open research practices, answer specific questions, and also support projects on open research workflows or open science in teaching. So if you have questions or ideas or just want to be part of this innovative and collaborative community, come to our next Open Office Hour: We meet online every second Monday at 1:00 pm and in person once a quarter for an Open Science Lab. Please find all OSIUM activities announced in our calendar.

Organizational structure

Since 2018, OSIUM is an independent working group open to all members of the university that are interested in the topic of open and sustainable research. OSIUM is part of MARA and has its own working group.

OSIUM collaborates within Marburg University with the MArburg Research Academy MARA, the eResearch Center, the University Library and the Computation Center.

Beyond Marburg University, we collaborate with the Hessian Data Infrastructure HeFDI and other Open Science actors in Germany.

OSIUM is member of the Network of Open Science Initiatives NOSI and part of the global Brainhack Community. We furthermore collaborate with FORRT and The Turing Way.

Current Board Members

Neuroscientists, biologists, psychologists, physicists, computer scientists, linguists and media scientists have come together to promote Open Science at Marburg University for the benefit of all sciences. We are always looking for new Open Science enthusiasts to join the team!

Monica B. Berdugo, Thomas S. Hartmann, Julia Pfarr, Lydia Riedl, Björn Siepe, Christoph Vogelbacher

Former Board Members

Karlin Hossner, Ina Thome


José Alanis, Malte Gueth, Peer Herholz, Jens Sommer, Christoph Vogelbacher

Supporter List

going to come

Code of Conduct

OSIUM is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone. As OSIUM members collaborate closely with the Brainhack Community, we declare the Code of Conduct of the Brainhack Community as valid also for the events organized by OSIUM. We expect the Code of Conduct to be honored by everyone who participates in the OSIUM community or claims any affiliation with OSIUM. This code is not exhaustive or complete. We ask community members to adhere to it as much in spirit as in letter to create a safe and positive experience for all.