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The Open Science Initiative University Marburg (OSIUM) is an open and voluntary group consisting of researchers from all career stages and disciplines, dedicated to promoting open science practices. We are a vibrant community that welcomes researchers not only from the University of Marburg but also from other institutions, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange. Through our activities, we strive to advance the principles of Open Science and contribute to a more transparent and inclusive research culture. OSIUM is serving as platform where researchers can easily learn and practice the use of these methods as well as benefit from others’ experience. We attach particular importance to paying equal attention to all the principles of open science: open access, open data, methods, software, teaching materials, review processes, research results and cultural heritage.

OSIUM is a working group open to all members of the university that are interested in the topic of open and sustainable research. OSIUM is part of MARA and has its own working group.



Open Science is a simple concept: It is about using the opportunities and potentials of information and communication technologies for better access to and participation in scientific research and its results and methods.


In its Recommendation on Open Science, UNESCO calls for the consistent implementation of open research practices because:


The ever-growing and very engaged Open Science community is constantly developing new open tools, platforms and standards that help to make your research transparent, open and reusable.

OSIUM is happy to help you get started with open research practices, answer specific questions, and also support projects on open research workflows or open science in teaching. So if you have questions or ideas or just want to be part of this innovative and collaborative community, come to our next Open Office Hour: We meet online every second Monday at 1:00 pm and in person once a quarter for an Open Science Lab. Please find all OSIUM activities announced in our calendar.